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Triathlon Camp Mallorca


Below is an outline of what the camp will entail. This is subject to some variation but will give you a very strong idea of what's to come.

Triathlon Camp Mallorca

Itinerary Explained


We offer both pool and open water swim sessions throughout our camps.

Pool sessions focus on drills and stroke improvement along with ad-hoc. feedback sessions for athletes to take away.

Open water sessions focus on drafting, sighting and swimming in rough waters.

All sessions are catered to the individual and athletes are grouped according to ability which is assessed on Day 2.


The bike sessions we offer are rider led but will have a coach within the group.


While the sessions are not coached on the move, extensive briefs and demonstrations are delivered when applicable in a safe location away from traffic and other hazards. All routes will be planned depending on weather conditions/groups abilities and gps routes sent out to upload to your own cycling computer if you have one.

Athletes are self seeded in group but can move groups as they wish to facilitate their training requirements.


We offer a wide variety of run sessions which include threshold, VO2 max, and recovery runs.


We include sessions that focus on running drills to improve efficiency while incorporating strength exercises, dynamic and static stretches to reduce potential for injuries.

Run sessions are delivered in various locations over differing terrain to assist in efficient running no matter where you're planning to compete!

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